The first "Global Space Conference on Climate Change" (GLOC 2023) will be held this year from May 23 to 25 in Oslo, Norway. As a leading European company in the field of Earth observation, OHB SE will have a booth at the venue to provide an overview of current satellite projects and the various ways in which satellite data can be used to address climate change.


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OHB SE is One of the Three Leading European Aerospace Companies


Space Systems

This business unit’s activities encompass satellites, manned spaceflight, exploration and security/reconnaissance technologies. Another focus is developing and implementing payloads, scientific equipment and devices for aeronautics/aerospace, research institutes and industry. Thus, OHB System AG develops, builds, launches and operates low-orbiting and geostationary small satellites for scientific applications, communications and terrestrial observation.

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The „Aerospace" corporate division places emphasis on the manufacturing of products for aviation and space travel. In this regard, OHB has positioned itself as a significant equipment provider for aerospace structures for aviation and space travel and, amongst others, is Germany's largest supplier to the Ariane 5 programme and an established manufacturer of sensitive components made of highly heat resistant nickel based alloys and titanium for aircraft engines.

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The OHB Digital business unit leverages direct space capabilities and ensures the transfer of technology to selected industries.

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