MT Aerospace is as main contractor with 10 percent work share mainly responsible for the fuel tanks and metallic structural components of the ARIANE 6. In addition, MT Aerospace and MT Mechatronics have been closely involved in the construction of all launch facilities for the six ARIANE generations as well as the SOYUZ launcher at the space center in Kourou for over 40 years.

In this regard, OHB has positioned itself as a significant equipment provider for aerospace structures for aviation and space travel and, amongst others, is Germany's largest supplier to the Ariane 5 programme and an established manufacturer of sensitive components made of highly heat resistant nickel based alloys and titanium for aircraft engines.

Electronic data transmission systems deployed throughout the world additionally provide global logistics support through efficient transport management and shipment tracking.

Core Segments

Ariane Rocket Program

Space missions result in new technological developments and strengthen Europe’s pioneering role at the vanguard of scientific and economic progress.