Human Spaceflight

Human space flight has a long tradition at OHB. OHB experts in Bremen alone contributed to 6 Shuttle/Spacelab missions, to two MIR missions and to the EURECA mission with development and operational tasks.

The company is also significantly involved in what is currently the largest space project: the International Space Station ISS. The European research module COLUMBUS represents an important milestone in the history of OHB System AG.

Press release:

Space Systems Core Segments

Satellite Technology

With its steady, primarily organic growth and technological leadership, OHB has made a name for itself in the space community and particularly also in the European satellite market.

Human exploration

On top of the national satellite missions which have already commenced, DLR has launched a further initiative for lunar exploration. In this connection, OHB-System executed a phase 0 study for the Lunar Exploration Orbiter (LEO) mission on the basis of the Small Geo/Luxor platform in 2007.