The OHB DIGITAL business segment leverages direct space capabilities and ensures the transfer of technology to selected industries.

Alongside the two business segments SPACE SYSTEMS and AEROSPACE, which focus on the development, production and launch of space systems, OHB DIGITAL addresses the usage and operating period of satellites.
Precise knowledge of existing and future high-tech gives OHB DIGITAL companies a decisive advantage at an early stage when it comes to offering their own solutions in hardware, software, apps and services.

Globally available sources of information are enhanced by proprietary capabilities, while integrated services for specific customer applications are generated.
Examples include the installation of ground segments, the operation of infrastructures, the provision of software solutions for IT security, cryptography, development and maintenance of antennas and telescopes for astronomy, station control technology for energy supplies, the provision of global ship positioning data for the maritime sector, protection from compromised navigation information and Earth observation services for climate, environment and ecology.
OHB DIGITAL contributes to the achievement of overarching strategic goals in Europe, focusing on the use of space-based solutions to address the challenges facing society and the economy.

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Examples from the portfolio


Digitization security

OHB Digital Services gmbH

Information technologies are the driving force behind digitization. Ensuring the safety of the technologies, procedures and processes used is crucial. OHB Digital Services is a member of the Alliance for Cybersecurity. The experts offer independent advice, as well as an uncomplicated and agile approach using acknowledged and proven tools and methods.

Ground segments and satellite operation

OHB Digital Connect GmbH

Ground segments for space systems are used to control, monitor and operate satellites and to provide services. OHB Digital Connect GmbH specializes in antenna locations, control centers, management systems and the entire IT infrastructure. Requirements arising from Earth observation, communications, navigation and science for individual missions and constellations form the starting point for robust and secure systems, which are also innovative and user-friendly. Bremen-based company OHB Digital Connect pooled its expertise through its merger with Mainz-based antenna manufacturer MT Mechatronics, which is also part of the OHB Group.
The Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has placed a contract for the regeneration of mobile ground stations for the German federal armed forces’ satellite communications system (SATCOMBw).

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PCS for Deutsche Bahn

OHB Teledata GmbH

For more than 45 years now, the Process Control Systems (PCS) unit at OHB has been playing a key role in the reliable monitoring and management of the electric traction power supply for trains across the entire network operated by German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB). Optimum availability of power at all times forms the basis for smooth rail operations. OHB has been able to steadily enhance the reliability of the system over the last few years through automation and digitalization. This is because ever higher demands are being placed on the availability of the close-meshed overhead line network due to the high frequency of trains. One key aspect of the efforts to meet these requirements is the immediate provision of updated process data to track the condition of the energy distribution system as well as smooth migration during productive operation.
Services: PCS specializes in the automation of railway electricity supplies. OHB System develops, assembles and installs the systems required for this purpose, providing maintenance for them throughout their entire life span. By minimizing costs during the operation of the railway infrastructure, we ensure the competitiveness of long-distance and local transport.
OHB Teledata GmbH is the leading systems partner for Deutsche Bahn and an acknowledged systems architect and technology leader. We offer our customers sophisticated IT security solutions related to process control technology to shield them from attacks. Of course, we also offer customer-specific advice on the automation of technically complex processes as well as the comprehensive application of the IEC 61850 standard with complete fulfilment of the defined requirements.

AIS for global shipping

LuxSpace Sàrl

LuxSpace is a leader in AIS data services. Based in Luxembourg and a member of the OHB DIGITAL business segment, it offers a 24/7 data service that makes it possible to track ship movements worldwide in close to real time. For this purpose, LuxSpace uses positioning messages (automatic identification system (AIS) messages), which ships are under a duty to transmit. The positioning messages are picked up via a terrestrial station network or via satellite.
LuxSpace has been operating its own data processing center for more than seven years. At this center, the AIS messages are received, processed and, depending on the customer's wishes, curated and forwarded. Day for day, LuxSpace receives up to 30 million AIS messages and forwards them to private and institutional customers. It also offers high-quality, individual and customer-specific services. Depending on their needs, customers can receive information on all global shipping traffic or data for certain regions, certain ships, ship types or their own fleet.

Location based services with GIDAS®

OHB Digital Solutions GmbH

Navigation signals from satellites are now used on a daily basis. The integrity of these signals is particularly important for critical applications. OHB Digital Solutions is a proven expert in processing GNSS signals and extracting information from them. The GIDAS® product monitors the GNSS frequency bands to detect intentional or unintentional interference.

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