Ensuring mission success. Establishing secure connections. Utilising full potential.

Our DIGITAL segment establishes the connection between our satellites and Earth. After launch, we ensure the smooth operation of the satellites and secure transmission of data. Our antennas and telescopes receive information from Earth's orbit and from the depths of the universe and provide scientists with unique data. Through software and encryption solutions, we guarantee data integrity on Earth and in space. We use our many years of experience to democratise access to technologies and data from space travel and bring them into new fields of application.

OHB Digital image video

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OHB DIGITAL companies

OHB Digital Connect GmbH

OHB Digital Connect is one of the leading providers of end-to-end solutions for satellite ground systems and satellite operations.

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OHB Chile SpA

OHB Chile is a subsidiary of OHB Digital Connect and specialises in the design and construction of observatories and telescopes for astronomical research.

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OHB Digital Services GmbH

OHB Digital Services GmbH is a national and international IT consulting and software company based in Bremen.

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OHB Digital Solutions GmbH

OHB Digital Solutions is an expert in the development of services and products based on navigation data.

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OHB Teledata GmbH

OHB Teledata offers solutions for the automation of the power supply of rail vehicles and for the digitalisation of interlockings.

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GEOSYSTEMS is an expert in the development of applications and services based on satellite image data.


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OHB Information Technology Services GmbH

OHB ITS is the OHB Group's internal partner for all matters relating to IT infrastructures and the digitalisation of business processes.

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OHB Orbital Access GmbH

OHB Orbital Access organises launch opportunities for satellite missions of the OHB Group and extends these to include rideshare opportunities for other satellites in order to optimise the utilisation of the launch vehicles.


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Blue Horizon Sárl

Blue Horizon specialises in the application of life science technologies and methods to revitalise disturbed landscapes on Earth and develop systems for sustainable life in space.

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OHB Venture Capital GmbH

OHB Venture Capital invests worldwide in innovative start-ups in the field of space technology.


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