You are looking for a job as a working student and would like to complete an internship with us or write your thesis at our company? We would be glad to meet you!

The first step towards a career in the space sector: Interns at OHB have the opportunity to become acquainted with our company, everyday working life and the aerospace industry. At last, the theoretical knowledge gathered at university can now be applied in practice!

How do I apply?

Here you can find out which internships are currently available. If you like, you can hand in your application there or, if there is no suitable opening right now, you can also hand in an initiative application.

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What do I have to expect as an intern at OHB?

As an intern at OHB, you will gain an insight into everyday working life and in the company. You will receive intensive support, become acquainted with projects and the industry, be able to expand your network, and to actively participate, ask questions, and get to know yourself and your interests better.

Become a space pioneer! As a working student at OHB, you can gain insights into our working world during your studies, combine theory and practice, and acquire responsibility.

How do I apply?

Here you can find out which working student positions are currently available and you can also apply directly. If there is currently no suitable opening, you can also submit an initiative application via the portal. Space.

For most people a dream – for you soon a reality.

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What do I expect as a working student at OHB?

Working students at OHB gain valuable practical experience and have the opportunity to become well acquainted with the company. They can apply their knowledge from their studies, actively contribute to the work of the team and expand their specialist network.


You can write your thesis (Bachelor or Master) at OHB and become part of an industry of pioneers and visionaries.

How do I apply?

Here you can find out which positions are currently open for theses. There you can apply directly. An initiative application can also be submitted.

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What can I expect if I write my thesis at OHB?

Students who write their thesis at and with OHB gain practical insights into the company, gain experience, expand their specialist network, and receive compensation for their effort, to name just a few points. Have a look for yourself and apply now!