Security and Reconnaissance

Reconnaissance satellites and broadband radio transmission of image data form the core of the security and reconnaissance activities.

OHB is successfully harnessing the experience and skills that it has gained in over 25 years of business in the security and reconnaissance area. Thus, it has developed ARDS, a key data-reduction technology for enabling the almost loss-free transmission of high-resolution aerial reconnaissance images.

In addition, system management for the first German satellite reconnaissance system SAR-Lupe has been placed in the Company’s hands.

The Group is increasingly broadening its European footprint particularly in the security and reconnaissance area as there is unmistakable interest in a European-wide reconnaissance system. In addition to partnership ventures with such renowned companies as Thales or Alcatel in this area, OHB-System holds a stake in French company ELTA, which has made a name for itself in the electronics for security applications.

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