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Contract for electro-optical reconnaissance system signed

Bremen – Marco R. Fuchs, CEO of OHB System AG, a subsidiary of the Bremen-based space technology group OHB SE, has today signed a contract with the customer for the implementation of a global electro-optical satellite system for reconnaissance. The contract has a budget of up to EUR 400 million.

“We are very proud of the confidence that the Federal Republic of Germany has shown in us with its decision to award us the contract for a further satellite-based reconnaissance system after SAR-Lupe and SARah,” says Fuchs. “This makes OHB a competent technology partner for the Federal Republic of Germany in both radar-based and electro-optical reconnaissance.”
Dr. Ingo Engeln, a member of OHB System AG’s Management Board, stresses the valuable experience that OHB already has in satellite-based reconnaissance systems. “The skills that we have gained in the SAR-Lupe and SARah projects will help us to successfully implement the electro-optical reconnaissance system as well,” says Engeln.


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