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Asteroid Day is Ready to Rock Around the Clock

On June 30, learn about Asteroids!

Luxembourg, Silicon Valley -- More than 700 events in 190 countries around the world are planned for Asteroid Day on June 30, 2017, the anniversary of Earth's largest asteroid impact in recorded history, the 1908 Siberia Tunguska event, which devastated 2000 sq. kilometers (770 square miles) of forest in Siberia, Russia.

Asteroid Day was sanctioned by the United Nations in 2016, as a global day of education to raise awareness about asteroids, their role in our solar system and the need to use science and technology to increase our knowledge and ability to protect humanity from dangerous impacts and facilitate future exploration.

Events for Asteroid Day 2017 are being planned on all five continents and include participation this year from major space agencies: European Space Agency (ESA); Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) and NASA, America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration, where every day is asteroid day. Events will take place for all ages at science centers, planetariums, observatories, museums, schools, theaters, libraries, civic, government halls and town squares. Most events are free of charge and can be viewed on the Asteroid Day global map.

Regional Events

Full list

Tucson, Arizona, USA:  University of Arizona (UA), Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium, June 27. Science Channel’s Meteorite Man Geoff Notkin will host a major event with five leading UA researchers in asteroid science: Dante Lauretta, principal investigator for NASA's  OSIRIS-REx mission and professor at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory; Eric Christensen, director, Catalina Sky Survey for Near-Earth Objects and associate staff scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory; Heather Enos, deputy principal investigator for the OSIRIS-REx mission; Vishnu Reddy, assistant professor at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory; Daniella DellaGiustina, image processing lead for the OSIRIS-REx mission. On June 30 weekend: AU’s Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium will host special activities related to asteroids and the OSIRIS-REx mission, asteroid planetarium shows, and asteroid exhibits for the public. More information at:

London, UK: Imperial CollegeLondon is where Asteroid Day was co-founded. Debbie Lewis, Deputy Chair of the Asteroid Day expert panel and a specialist in risk, crisis and disaster management, is hosting guests including Helen Sharman, the first British astronaut,  Clemens RumpfDr. Simon GreenJerry Stone, Denis Pellerin, Peter Birtwhistle, Jonathan Tate, and Prof. Lewis Dartnell.

Barcelona, Spain:  Centre Cultural TerrassaA program focused on monitoring dangerous asteroids from Catalonia, Spain, organized in partnership with Òmnium CulturalAgrupació Astronòmica de Terrassa (AAT)Institut de Ciències de l'Espai (ICE)Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and the Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC).

Poznan, Poland: Mayor of Poznań Mr. Jacek Jaśkowiak will be present Asteroid Day Poland Regional Coordinator Tomasz Kluwak with an award for educating the public about asteroids. Kluwak has coordinated events for Asteroid Day centered in and around Poznan and Warsaw, including an astronomical observation, a music concert, and a fun event in the park! More than 1000 students are expected to attend.

Madagascar: HABAKA Innovation HubOrganized by Haikintana Astronomy to increase awareness of the SKA international project   at the American Center Madagascar in Antananarivo, the event includes educational programs and activities, and a special astronomical observation at night.

Israel (various cities):  “Fire from the Sky” lecture by Asteroid Day Israel Regional Coordinator Victor Bar at the Israeli Astronomical Association at the Giv’atayim Observatory, the oldest observatory in Israel and the main base for amateur Israeli astronomers. There will be two other events at locations Netanya and Yarka in Israel focused on Asteroids

Pakistan (various cities). Organized by  Mohammad Iftekhar Yezdani, journalist and engineer. Includes an all-outdoor program, including: Asteroid Day Walk, open-air display of artwork, talks by speakers, playback of prerecorded talks, and finally stargazing at night. He will also be streaming social media and a live stream from RaheQamar, an online newspaper focused on space..

Mexico City. Mexico: María Guadalupe Cordero, Geology and Planetary Atmosphere Professor at National Autonomous University of Mexico, is working with SOMA (Mexican Society of Astrobiology) to organize six talks about asteroids and prepare educational material to be presented at three museums and plantariums around Mexico City.

Lincoln, Nebraska, USA: June 29th, at University of Nebraska College of Law Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Program and University of Nebraska State Museum, Morrill Hall. Special event, opened by Professor Frans von der Dunk, an original signatory of the Asteroid Day Declaration, followed by a short presentation by program Executive Director Elsbeth Magilton. Following by two full-dome planetarium shows: "Firefall" and "B612 Asteroid Show.

Asteroid Day “Live”

Asteroid Day LIVE is the first ever 24-hour live broadcast about the asteroid threat.  Produced from the new Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE) studio at RTL City, Luxembourg, the June 30 program will serve as a platform for the first global conversation about asteroids. Hosted by British physicist, author and BBC commentator Brian Cox, participants include expert scientists, technologists and researchers in planetary science, including NASA Astronauts Rusty SchweickartEd Lu and Nicole Stott; ESA astronauts Michel TogniniJean-François Clervoy; first Romanian Astronaut and ASE President Dorin Prunariu, first Romanian  Astronaut;  ASE  president,  UN  COPUOS; Astrophysicists and Planetary Scientists Susan McKenna-LawlorJulia De LeonMark BosloughPatrick Michel; Owner and CEO OHB SE Marco Fuchs, and Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg Etienne Schneider.

Asteroid Day LIVE will be distributed globally on June 30, via a SES satellite network and available on various local channels subscribing to the SES satellite network, and the Asteroid Day website. Media can download the feed from satellite or request streaming access from Asteroid Day. Please email The global broadcast schedule for your area can be found at this linkThe program is being produced by Grig Richters, co-founder of Asteroid Day and producer/director of 51 Degrees North, a documentary about a fictional asteroid impact over London, and sponsored by OHB, BCE and the Government of Luxembourg, principal sponsors of Asteroid Day. View the full line-up of the live Luxembourg program, here.

Discovery Channel

Asteroid Day primary media partner, Discovery Channel, has produced two specials about asteroids and Asteroid Day to air June 30 around the world: “How to Survive an Asteroid Impact” and a three-minute Virtual Reality video that provides viewers with an insight into the risks of asteroids, how scientists are trying to protect our planet, and what viewers should do if an asteroid is about to impact their city.

Scientists Rock

seven-part series introducing you to the people working to protect us from Asteroids. Narrated by famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, the series interviews, among others, UK Astronomer Royal, Lord Martin Rees; Dr. Brian May, Peter Gabriel, scores of astronauts and asteroid experts.

100X Asteroid Declaration

Central to Asteroid Day is the 100x Declaration, calling for the 100-fold increase in the detection and monitoring of asteroids. Signed to date by more than x people around the world, the Declaration resolves to “solve humanity’s greatest challenges to safeguard our families and quality of life on Earth in the future. The Declaration is available online for the signature of all world citizens concerned about advancing asteroid research and technology.

About Asteroid Day

Asteroid Day was co-founded in 2014, by Dr. Brian May, astrophysicist and lead guitarist for the rock band Queen; Danica Remy, B612 President; Apollo astronaut Rusty Schweickart; and German filmmaker Grig Richters. Asteroid Day is held on 30 June each year to mark Earth’s largest asteroid impact in recorded history, the Siberia Tunguska event, which devastated over 2,000 km2 of forest, an area the size of any major metropolitan city today. In 2016, Asteroid Day was declared by the United Nations to be a global day of education to raise awareness about asteroids. Founding partners include: The Association of Space ExplorersB612 and Discovery Channel and global sponsors include OHB, SES, BCE and the Luxembourg Government.

OHB SE is the prime sponsor of Asteroid Day LIVE: “Asteroids are celestial objects which fascinate everyone from young people to experienced researchers,” commented Marco Fuchs, Owner and CEO of OHB. “Protecting Earth from a significant asteroid impact through dedicated satellites, along with the future commercial  exploitation of asteroids via mining, constitute global endeavors for upcoming generations. OHB takes pride in preparing for these opportunities with our own technical developments and investments.”

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