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Main shareholders of OHB SE establish family foundation to preserve the Company's ownership profile

Bremen, October 4, 2022. Marco and Christa Fuchs have transferred their entire direct and indirect holdings in OHB SE to a newly established Fuchs Family Foundation (Fuchs-Familienstiftung). The purpose of the establishment of the foundation and the transfer of shares which has taken place is to create a stable structure to ensure sustained ownership of the Company.

The foundation's objective with regard to OHB, the long-term retention of the entrepreneurial family assets of Marco and Christa Fuchs, is manifested in the foundation's articles of incorporation: In all decisions made by the foundation, the central benchmark is the securing, sustaining and continuation of the OHB Group.

The number of family shares, which are pooled under a voting agreement, has not changed as a result of this step: The Fuchs share pool continues to comprise 69.72 % of the shares in OHB SE, which also includes 1,000,000 shares of OHB held by the company Martello Value GmbH & Co. KG, which was recently founded by Romana Fuchs Mayrhofer. As a result of the transfer of the shares to the foundation, there have been no changes with regard to the persons acting - insofar as the (indirect) shareholder position at OHB SE is concerned: As Chairman of the Family Foundation, Marco Fuchs continues to control the OHB Group.

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