Supplier Code of Conduct

For those working for an OHB company (in the following “OHB”), corporate responsibility is not just another catchphrase but also a core principle that has guided us and will guide us in the future. We have grown from a business founded on family values into one of the leading space companies in Europe and an important independent force in European aerospace industry.

Being highly valued and maintaining the appreciation of our customers, investors, employees, as well as overall space community, requires on the ethical behaviour of every single person who is connected to OHB and its affiliates. Giving ourselves a strict set of ethical values to guide business dealings in the highest standards is just the start, we believe that part of our long term corporate success is the relationship to our suppliers. This relationship should be founded on mutual trust and respect. Therefore, we expect all suppliers who do business with OHB to uphold the same ethical values and compliance responsibilities by acting with the same fairness in all aspects of their own business practices and by monitoring these principles throughout their own supply chain.

For this reason, OHB enforces this Supplier Code of Conduct, which reflects basic principles also laid down in the guidelines of OHB´s Code of Conduct and contains the minimum standards that OHB expects from its suppliers.

Download Supplier Code of Conduct.