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The fight against desertification

Blue Horizon Sarl, a subsidiary of the space and technology group OHB SE, has received funding for the development of technologies and systems for fighting against desertification using microbiological methods in the frame of the Business Partnership Facility (BPF) of the Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs (LUXDEV). The first test area will be in Burkina Faso, one of the focus countries of Luxembourg development support. In these days, the Blue Horizons Team with Project Engineer Life Sciences, Dr. Ines Wagner and Project Engineer Life Sciences, Dr. Bo Byloos started their journey to Burkina Faso. In an interview they talk about desertification and why their method is so special.

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OHB making forays into 3D printing

The Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) is one of the key technology have been demonstrated to provide a significant added value for space missions. . When repairs are needed during a mission on board the International Space Station ISS and the necessary tools are not available, Alexander Gerst may experience difficulties performing his work. Therefore 3D printing technology directly on board of the ISS will allow producing on-demand tools, spares and components according to the needs. We. Create. Space.

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