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The dangers from space are ever-present – space junk, space weather and asteroids whirl and tumble around the Earth and, from time to time, come dangerously close to it and to satellites in orbit. “The time for action is now,” said Marc Scheper, Head of the Space Transport, Robotic Missions & Exploration departments, thus demonstrating the urgency with which the space nations must deal with the issue of threats from space.
Reason enough to dedicate the Bremen session of the #SpaceTalks series of the European Space Agency ESA to this issue. Which missions are currently dealing with warding off and exploring these threats is what the former ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter, Chiara Manfletti (ESA Programme Advisor to the Director General), Marc Scheper, host Dr. Timo Stuffler (Head of Business Development at OHB) and an audience of space enthusiasts talked about and discussed at the #SpaceTalks held at the OHB headquarters in Bremen today.

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Why it is important to conduct research into asteroids now

“The meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk was a wake-up call,” says Zhu Qing-Yin of the University of California. He has performed chemical analyses of the fragments of the celestial stone which exploded over the Russian city in February 2013. “If humanity is to avoid the fate that befell the dinosaurs, the results of these analyses must be examined very carefully.”

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