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OHB on its way to Mars

When the InSight probe landed safely on Mars in the Elysium Planitia plain at 20:52:59 Central European Time on November 26, 2018, the OHB staff were among those waiting with baited breaths. This is because OHB is also keeping a close eye on the Red Planet and will soon be sending the results of its own expertise on the ExoMars mission’s journey to Mars. This marks the beginning of a particularly exciting time for two OHB engineers. Mark Fittock and Georgios Tsakyridis had already been involved in the Mars Mole for the InSight mission and are now keeping their fingers crossed for the OHB team working on ExoMars.

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Is there life on Mars?

Why the ExoMars project is pursuing this question and what this means for humanity even if there is no such thing as little green men. An interview with Dr. Andreas Winkler from OHB System AG

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