Satellite operations

OHB Satelliten Betrieb GmbH

The company bundles the Group's many activities in the area of ​​services and will continue to specialize in the operation of satellite systems and their associated ground systems. OHB Satellitenbetrieb GmbH also offers the management of satellite constellations and the associated services. OHB Satellitenbetrieb GmbH relies on more than ten years of experience of OHB System AG in this business area. The new company can fall back on this competence.

Launch Services

Cosmos International

With Cosmos International, the OHB Group is relying on a long-established business model within the company. As part of its space services strategy, Cosmos International, as a launch service provider, offers services to the market against the background of the ever-increasing variety of satellite services that can easily, tailor-made and cost-effectively respond to different in-orbit delivery services. The focus of Cosmos International will also be on the small satellite segment. 

MT Aerospace Guyane SAS

MT Aerospace Guyane SAS (MTG for short) - a wholly owned subsidiary of MT Aerospace AG - was founded in 1997 in Kourou in French Guyana. With about 65 employees at the European rocket launch site, the company has developed into a stable and reliable partner for operation and maintenance in various areas. Customers include CNES, ARIANESPACE, EADS ST, REGULUS, EUROPROPULSION and AIR LIQUIDE SPATIAL GUYANE.
MT Aerospace Guyane and its team are responsible for the trouble-free operation of the mechanical infrastructure of the launch system before, during and after an ARIANE 5 launch campaign. This includes rocket launch tables, booster transport trolleys, mobile platforms, platforms, crane bridges, lifting platforms and large gates with mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. MTG is already providing technical support in its area of competence for the Soyus launch pad.
All necessary physical measurements during the rocket and satellite campaigns are also the responsibility of an MTG laboratory team. More than 1700 measuring instruments are used and must be monitored continuously. On the premises of the booster factory in Kourou, MTG specialists are employed for mechanical maintenance work. During the new construction projects in Kourou, MTG provides logistical support during the construction of the project and is supported by its local network.

Logistics solutions

OHB Logistics Solutions GmbH

OHB Logistic Solutions GmbH, founded in 2015, draws on 25 years of experience in the field of telematics systems. Telematics solutions for the automotive and logistics industry have been developed within the OHB Group since 1993. The goal of OHB Logistics Solutions is to make the know-how from space technology applicable to the logistics industry. Based on its many years of experience, the company offers, among other things, an innovative device for monitoring containers. In the networked, globalized economy, transparency is the key to success.

Railway process control systems

OHB System AG 

For 45 years now, the Process Control Technology (PCS) division (formerly Kayser-Threde GmbH) at OHB System AG has successfully ensured the smooth and reliable monitoring and control of the electrical traction power supply for trains on the entire Deutsche Bahn (DB) rail network. The optimal supply of electrical energy at all times is the basis for smooth railway operation. Through automation and digitization, OHB has been able to continuously improve the reliability of the supply in recent years. Because the availability of the closemeshed overhead line network is subject to ever higher demands due to the high frequency of trains.
An important component for meeting these requirements is the immediate provision of current process data describing the state of the energy distribution situation, as well as smooth migration during operation.

Range of services

PCS specializes in the automation of traction power supplies. The systems required for this are developed, manufactured, installed and maintained by OHB System (formerly Kayser-Threde GmbH) throughout the entire life cycle. By minimizing the life cycle cost of the railway infrastructure, we ensure the competitiveness of long-distance and local transport.
OHB System AG is a leading system partner of Deutsche Bahn and is also recognized as a system architect and technology leader. We offer our customers sophisticated IT security solutions in the field of process control technology to protect against attacks. Of course, we also offer customer-specific consulting in the area of automation of technically complex processes as well as comprehensive application of the IEC 61850 standard with complete compliance with the requirements specification.

AIS for the global maritime traffic


LuxSpace is a global leader in Automatic Information System (AIS) and offers global tracking services for all AIS equipped ships. The OHB affiliate, located in Luxembourg, offers 24/7 data services tracking the entire maritime traffic. Data are received from terrestrial stations and from satellites. For more than 7 years now, LuxSpace hosts its Data Processing Center, where AIS messages are received, processed, based on customer demand, and delivered to the customer. The company receives almost 30 Million AIS messages per day and delivers them to its private and institutional customers. The scope of service is high quality, customer specific and highly reliable. The proven AIS data service allows customers from the maritime and logistic industry a deep insight into all types of maritime transport: follow a single ship, monitor an entire vessel fleet or create a comprehensive overview of all ship traffic, be it local, regional or global scale.


  • Terrestrial and satellite based AIS
  • Near-Realtime Service
  • Position validation
  • High update intervals
  • Historical AIS
  • Customized service
  • Flexible duration
  • Fast and flexible technical Implementation
  • 24/7 monitoring

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