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Successful proposal submitted by OHB System AG for the European Commission's ODIN'S EYE project

Bremen, June 30, 2023. A joint bidding consortium led by OHB System AG (a subsidiary of the space and technology group OHB SE) has been awarded a EUR 90 million grant from the European Commission for the ODIN'S EYE II project, which is being implemented under the European Defence Fund and is aimed at developing a European multinational space-based early warning and tracking system for ballistic missiles. The industrial consortium consists of 38 companies from 14 European member states, including Airbus Defence and Space, Thales Alenia Space, Leonardo and the ArianeGroup.

OHB System is already responsible for collecting and harmonizing the requirements, for the system of systems architecture and for the individual components of the space segment as part of ODIN'S EYE I. In the ODIN'S EYE II project, which will commence in parallel in the near future, OHB will now also be responsible for defining, developing, integrating and verifying the entire mission and system simulator. OHB Digital Connect and OHB Hellas are also part of the industrial team and are responsible for the ground segment and data analysis as well as on-board processing.

Sabine von der Recke, the responsible member of the Management Board at OHB System AG, emphasizes the importance of the project: "The fact that the European Union is setting up a space infrastructure for early warning with ODIN'S EYE II and thus investing in its own defense capabilities, is an important step in view of the changed security situation. As the coordinator of the consortium, OHB not only has a special responsibility but has also built up the right expertise for the subject over the past decades and we are proud to be able to contribute to Europe's security."

OHB System is also a member of two further industrial consortia which have now also received financial support under the European Defend Fund. The two projects REACTS and SPIDER are also aimed at establishing a responsive infrastructure.

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