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OHB Sweden and Space Norway sign contract for microsatellite ADIS

Artistic rendering of the ADIS satellite. © OHB Sweden

Oslo, 30 June 2023 - OHB Sweden AB, a subsidiary of the space and technology group OHB SE, and Space Norway have signed a contract to build, launch and operate a micro satellite, called ADIS, which is based on the OHB Sweden’s InnoSat platform. The Application Development Infrastructure in Space (ADIS) satellite is a microsatellite mission by Space Norway AS hosting a wideband frequency agile Software Defined Radio (SDR) payload as its primary payload and a VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) payload as its secondary payload. OHB Sweden’s flight proven InnoSat microsatellite platform has been selected to host the payloads together with supporting antennas and subsystems for wideband communication.

OHB Sweden’s responsibility in this mission includes: overall system level space segment design based on the InnoSat platform, integration and testing, launch, Mission Control Software (RAMSES) and LEOP and In-Orbit-Commissioning services.
Space Norway will be the owner and operator of the ADIS satellite. The first task the satellite will embark upon is to demonstrate satellite-based Internet of Things services in the frequency range 1500-5000 MHz. These demonstrations will be conducted on behalf of the European Space Agency. The satellite is planned to be launched in 2025.

Benoit Mathieu, Managing Director of OHB Sweden:
“We are very glad to work together with such an experienced and well-established customer as Space Norway  in supporting highly innovative space-based IoT services on the ADIS mission. I am happy to see that InnoSat #7 has found a customer which values innovation just like us. ”

Dag H. Stølan, CEO Space Norway:
“We are pleased to have signed contract with OHB Sweden on our ADIS satellite mission and to be  part of the first Swedish-Norwegian satellite project. Myself and the project team are looking forward to working closely with the highly skilled and experienced team at OHB Sweden.”

About OHB Sweden

OHB Sweden is a provider of complete space missions, satellites and spacecraft subsystems. With more than 30 years of proven success in a wide range of space missions in low and geostationary orbit as well as spacecraft for interplanetary missions, OHB Sweden has earned a first-class reputation for providing its customers with reliable and innovative solutions. OHB Sweden's core skills lie in the areas of small satellites, AOCS and propulsion subsystems.

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