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Smart use of satellite data: OHB DIGITAL wins the "Copernicus Demonstrators - Mobility, Emergency and Infrastructures" project funded by EUSPA with EUR 1.7 million

New study lead by OHB is to identify satellite-based applications and innovative downstream services which will improve life on Earth in many fields and tackle impacts of climate change

Bremen, 6 October 2023 - How can the data from the Copernicus satellite constellation be used wisely and efficiently? OHB Digital Services GmbH, a subsidiary of the space group OHB SE, has been commissioned as prime contractor by the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) to lead the "Copernicus Demonstrators - Mobility, Emergency and Infrastructures" project, which is funded with EUR 1.7 million.

"The project fits perfectly in our strategy to build innovative downstream services for a wide range of industries. The Copernicus data and services are an incredible valuable source of data. Our goal is to leverage the value of this data and show in the Copernicus Demonstrator project the benefits of such data and services in novel user’s operational environments,” says Dr. Arne Gausepohl, Managing Director of OHB Digital Services.

The Copernicus satellite constellation, as the Earth observation component of the European Union’s Space Programme, has been looking at our planet and its environment for the benefit of Europe’s citizens, providing a unique combination of full, free and open data and services in thematic areas: Land, Marine, Atmosphere, Climate Change, Emergency and Security. Within its key role in the downstream and the commercial user uptake activities of Copernicus, EUSPA is awarding the contract to demonstrate innovative Proof of Concepts, with the aim to expand its user-base with new applications. OHB Digital Services has been commissioned to coordinate the project which will result in three innovative demonstrators in the following areas: Measurement and monitoring of aircraft emissions, emergency preparedness and early warning of flooding, autonomous navigation and optimization of shipping routes, smart mobility and autonomous cars as well as monitoring of infrastructures like railway networks. "The project is a wonderful challenge for us. Above all, it is exciting to use Copernicus data and services to build an innovative data service and develop new platforms," says project manager Dr.-Ing. Danijela Ristic-Durrant, the expert for computer vision and earth observation at OHB Digital Services.

The project will be realized in two phases: Phase 1, being the technical feasibility assessment of the five Proof of Concepts, and Phase 2, dedicated to the development and technical implementation of the three Proof of Concepts recommended from the Phase 1.
"We are happy to start intense exchange and dialogue with our partners and stakeholders from related fields. Our task now is to use our high level of expertise from space domain to develop sustainable solutions for customers and citizens, in Europe as well as worldwide," says the project manager Ristic-Durrant in anticipation of the kickoff in mid-October.

OHB Digital Services as the prime contractor of the study is supported by the following partners: Euroconsult, France; e:fs TechHub, Germany; LuxSpace, Luxemburg; Waterjade, Italy; S[&]T, The Netherlands

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