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OHB acquires Geo-IT specialist GEOSYSTEMS GmbH

Reinforcement in downstream services and data analysis

Bremen, February 21, 2022. Space technology company OHB SE has acquired GEOSYSTEMS GmbH, one of the leading companies for the analysis and processing of sensor data from earth observation satellites. As a result, the OHB Group is adding an important skill to its OHB DIGITAL business unit in the development of the promising satellite data value chain. "This is an important step in the new OHB DIGITAL business segment and adds a key component to OHB's skills along the value chain," says Lutz Bertling, member of OHB SE's Management Board. "The acquisition underscores our ambition to become a relevant player in the market for downstream services and data analytics. I am convinced that we have found a perfect partner for this in GEOSYSTEMS."

GEOSYSTEMS has over 30 years of experience in helping companies and institutions use geospatial data and build powerful GEO-IT solutions. Its expertise lies primarily in the areas of agriculture, energy, security, telecommunications, and the refinement of sensor data for government agencies. GEOSYSTEMS' products and services extend the existing portfolio of the OHB DIGITAL business unit in the area of innovative value-added services from earth observation satellites.

Satellite data in fusion with other spatial data and business data have arrived in the reality of public authorities and companies, which is also reflected, for example, in the increased development of "digital twins" for cities or production and logistics processes on the basis of satellite data. The activities of the Geo-IT specialist fit ideally into the strategic orientation of OHB DIGITAL. The aim of the future collaboration is to maintain flexibility through an independent market presence while at the same time leveraging synergy potential through networking within the OHB family and joint projects. GEOSYSTEMS not only adds technical skills to the OHB family but also brings a broad customer portfolio in addition to a strong brand.

Together with OHB, great opportunities will arise for us to deepen the sustainable end-to-end solutions of our portfolio and expand into new market segments," says Irmgard Runkel, Managing Director of GEOSYSTEMS GmbH.  "With innovative process chains from the sensor to enterprise-relevant information, we fit very well with the OHB Group's ambitious goals in downstreaming business. "We see great potential in GEOSYSTEMS' products and services as well as its customer relationships," adds Bertling, "and are particularly pleased that Ms. Runkel will continue to manage GEOSYSTEMS under new ownership."


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