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OHB LuxSpace and ESA sign contract for the development and qualification of the Triton-X microsatellite platform

Luxembourg, 26 May 2021 - OHB LuxSpace, a subsidiary of the space and technology group OHB SE, has signed a contract with the European Space Agency ESA under the ARTES (Advanced Research in Telecommunications System) programme for a partnership project for the development and qualification of the Triton-X Heavy microsatellite platform, which is to be ready for commercial use by mid-2023.

Triton-X is a new line of microsatellites with a launch mass of up to 200 kg aimed at enabling affordable satellite constellations in Low Earth Orbit. In order to meet this key design requirement and achieving rapid market launch, Triton-X leverages efficient manufacturing, assembly and testing processes. In this respect, OHB LuxSpace can draw on experience gained during the implementation of the ESA SAT-AIS mission ESAIL, which was successfully launched in autumn 2020. A further special feature of the Triton-X platform is its optimisation for rideshare missions, in which several satellites with different payloads are launched into space together. In addition, the platform covers state-of-the-art requirements for various commercial and institutional missions, including telecommunications and Earth observation, but also technology testing and demonstrator missions.

In addition to the prime contractor OHB LuxSpace, six other industrial partners are currently part of the European industrial consortium for Triton-X, including APCO Technologies (CH), ARCSEC (BE), ASP (DE), Edisoft (PT), EmTroniX (LU) and ESC (CZ).

Elodie Viau, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications at ESA, says: "Europe needs a strong space sector to build and foster its digital economy. ESA is pleased to work with industry to develop a competitive, cost-effective and sustainable production standard for multi-mission microsatellites."

"Both LuxSpace’s experience and excellent synergies with national and European suppliers and partners have been instrumental in bringing the project forward so far," adds Marc Serres, Chief Executive Officer at the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA). "The Triton-X microsatellite platform is a tangible example of the benefits, dynamism and fruitful collaboration of the Luxembourg space ecosystem with ESA. It will definitely be key in opening Luxembourg’s way to commercial space."

Edgar Milic and Oliver Salisch, Managing Directors at OHB LuxSpace, added: "Scientists and engineers have worked wonders in the development of space systems and applications for decades. Today, this role is being taken over by value-oriented entrepreneurs. LuxSpace believes in Triton-X as a powerful, innovative and scalable enabler for corporate and institutional space ambitions and is excited to lead an industry consortium that supports these ambitions."

At ESA: Jean-Michel Lautier,
At OHB LuxSpace: André Esterhuysen,

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