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Copernicus CO2 monitoring mission CO2M passes Space Segment Requirements Review

Satellites to trace emissions back to their sources

Bremen, 26 April 2021. The CO2M mission, a major mission in the European Copernicus Earth observation programme, has successfully passed its Space Segment Requirements Review (SSRR). In the frame of the SSRR, the European Space Agency ESA confirmed the viability of the selected satellite concept together with an adequate flow down of requirements to the corresponding architecture elements. The assessed performance was also found to meet all CO2M mission needs, a major achievement on the way to mastering the mission's complex technology and challenging schedule.

Excellent teamwork

The successful SSRR will enable OHB and its subcontractors to further advance the technical definition of the spacecraft and its instruments baseline in anticipation of the next major mission milestone, the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) of the satellite, in January 2022. "To achieve the SSRR closure in such a short amount of time was only possible due to the excellent work of all members of the CO2M team," says CO2M Project Manager Robert Hook. "We have shown that we can cope with CO2M's very demanding schedule."

Database for measures to combat one of the most urgent problems of our time

As prime contractor of the CO2M space segment responsible for its end-to-end performance and the development of the satellite platforms, OHB is making a major contribution to measuring atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations more precisely from space and to trace emissions back to their sources for the first time. "We are particularly pleased and proud to be able to contribute with our expertise to the systematic monitoring of climate gas development in the atmosphere and thus to provide a database for measures to combat one of the most urgent problems of our time," says Marco Fuchs, CEO of OHB, summing up the special significance of the mission. The data obtained by the satellites will not only make it possible to quantify the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere but also to measure the CO2 emissions of individual countries, regions and metropolitan areas. This will make it easier to track and implement the goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

The Copernicus programme is financed by the European Union and ESA. The launch of the first CO2M satellite is planned for the end of 2025.

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Artistic representation of a CO2M satellite. © OHB
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