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Capital Market Day 2020

OHB SE presents strategy 2025 and provides outlook for growth in the coming years, third business unit "OHB Digital" introduced

Marco Fuchs and Dr Lutz Bertling (from left) presented its corporate strategy "Shaping the future". © OHB/Bettina Conradi

Bremen, February 13, 2020 During today‘s Capital Market Day 2020, the space technology group OHB SE (Prime Standard, ISIN DE0005936124) presented its corporate strategy "Shaping the future" up to fiscal 2025 and the related growth prospects.

Dr. Lutz Bertling, Chief Strategy & Development Officer, Chief Digital Officer, explained to the roughly 60 participants: "Our strategy is essentially based on three pillars: Expansion of the satellite systems business in existing and new market segments, development into a provider for launchers and significant expansion of our range of information and applications based on space-based data. In addition, we will tap considerable productivity potential in the Group. The implementation of our Strategy 2025 will not only put the Group on a further successful growth path, but will also make us an even more complete supplier of space-based solutions".

The central element of Strategy 2025 is the creation of a third business unit "OHB Digital". In addition to existing companies such as OHB Digital Solutions, OHB Digital Services and OHB Infosys, the activities of OHB Satellitenbetrieb, the Satellite Ground Systems and Airborne + Ground Solutions divisions as well as MT Mechatronics are to be concentrated under this umbrella as a new powerful company. It pools the Company's skills in offering comprehensive solutions in the area of ground-based systems and services. OHB Digital will also be the nucleus for the expansion of the data applications business.

For Marco Fuchs, CEO, the implementation of the strategy is now the logical response to developments in the space industry and the company's already achieved size: "I am convinced that "Shaping the future" will lay the foundation for our continued business success, which will be reflected in both qualitative and quantitative growth". 

The Group is expected to achieve significant growth in the coming years on the back of the new business unit and the high project acquisition potential in the Space Systems business unit. Total revenues will continue to rise year-on-year; annual growth to EUR 1.5 billion is planned up to fiscal 2025, with EBIT margins rising to a level of 8%.

For 2020, OHB SE expects order receipts for the entire Group of around EUR 2 billion. These orders are primarily from the Earth Observation, Navigation and Space Safety segments. The financial outlook for the current fiscal year includes total revenues of EUR 1.1 billion, EBITDA of EUR 80 million and EBIT of EUR 44 million.

OHB SE is confirming the guidance for fiscal 2019 published at last year's Capital Market Day. OHB SE's audited consolidated financial statements for 2019 will be presented in detail at the upcoming annual press conference on March 18, 2020 in Bremen and at the analysts' meeting in Frankfurt am Main on the same day and will also be available for download from OHB SE's website.

Marco Fuchs (CEO). © OHB/Bettina Conradi
Dr Lutz Bertling (Chief Strategy & Development Officer, Chief Digital Officer). © OHB/Bettina Conradi
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