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OHB control station enhances satellite communications system of the German Federal Armed Forces

Bremen, 27.02.2019. OHB System AG, a subsidiary of the space technology group OHB SE, has made a name for itself as a technology partner to the German Federal Armed Forces. Recently, the UHF DAMA control station in Gerolstein was officially handed over by representatives of the company to the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) and its actual user, the German Federal Armed Forces. “The successful completion of this system testifies to our cross-system competence in ground stations and equipment - in electronic, IT and also mechanical terms. The customer will also be benefiting from the expertise that OHB has in developing and integrating SATCOM equipment,” said Marco Fuchs, CEO of OHB System AG. “With the contracts that we have been awarded for reconnaissance and communications satellite systems, we are making further contributions to strengthening Germany’s autonomy”.

UHF DAMA satellite communications

OHB System AG has installed a ground station for P-band data transmission for military satellite communications. The UHF DAMA control station forms a key element of communications with the armed forces in the countries of operation and meets the specified military standards for UHF satellite communications. It is DAMA-capable (demand-assisted multiple access), meaning that individual uplink and downlink channels can be managed separately so that they can be allocated in the light of specific requirements. UHF SATCOM modems form the heart of the system and establish the connection to the military personnel in action. Dr. Christian Blohm, who is responsible for OHB’s air and ground systems technology, is also pleased with this further chapter in the successful collaboration with the German Federal Armed Forces: “The installation of the ground station as well as the annual maintenance activities have demonstrated that we are also able to supply bespoke technology solutions for user ground segments. UHF DAMA complements the anchor station in Gerolstein with a central element and is an ideal addition to the anchor station in Kastellaun.”

Proven technology partner

One of OHB System AG’s successes is SAR-Lupe, the first national radar reconnaissance satellite constellation for the German Federal Armed Forces, which has been operating faultlessly for eleven years and is also managed by OHB staff. Currently, SARah, the next-generation radar reconnaissance satellites for Germany together with an additional ground control station are being developed under OHB’s leadership. In order to further strengthen Germany’s national autonomy and to expand the portfolio, the responsible offices of the German federal government awarded OHB a contract in November 2017 for the installation of a satellite system for global electro-optical reconnaissance. Featuring state-of-the-art technologies made in Germany, the civil/military satellite mission Heinrich Hertz is also broadening the satellite communication capabilities of the German Federal Armed Forces. As the industrial prime contractor, OHB responsible for implementing the entire mission including the satellite, the launcher and the related ground infrastructure. “These elements and our expertise as producers of geostationary communications satellites put us in an excellent starting position for future projects in the institutional, military and commercial SATCOM sectors. We are the first point of call for national reconnaissance satellites and, as a systems specialist, would also like to have the same status in Germany for satellite-based communications as well,” adds Marco Fuchs.

The UHF DAMA control station in Gerolstein was officially handed over to the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support and the German Federal Armed Forces by OHB representatives © OHB System AG
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