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Concentration leads to growth

Reorganization of the subsidiaries for ground-based applications and services

Bremen, August 30, 2019. OHB SE will adopt the following changes to the Group structure in order to achieve synergy effects through the pooling of activities, achieve better market access and create an improved basis for further growth by intensifying the concentration of the activities of individual companies.

OHB strengthens Ground Segment activities

From September 1, 2019, OHB System AG will hold all shares in its former sister company MT Mechatronics GmbH (MTM) based in Mainz. OHB SE previously held 70 % of the shares indirectly and Apollo Capital Partners GmbH 30 % indirectly. MTM is a specialized general contractor for the development and construction of optical and radio telescopes for scientific applications as well as antennas for satellite communication. OHB System AG is also a provider of services in the space ground segment and scientific missions, with the result that these Group activities will in future be bundled within OHB System AG. On the other hand, this step will enable OHB System AG to strengthen its activities in the ground segment and deepen its value chain in this area.

OHB Satellitenbetrieb operational as a Service Provider

OHB Satellitenbetrieb GmbH recently commenced operations. It now has 18 employees and has taken over the operation of four subsystems of the Earth observation satellites SAR-Lupe and Helios at the Gelsdorf site. The company is also currently preparing to operate the successor system SARah. These activities mean that it is ideally positioned to take on Group-wide coordination activities in the field of operating satellite constellations in the long term, and further projects are in the acquisition phase.

OHB strengthens launch service portfolio

OHB SE recently acquired all shares in Cosmos International Launch Services GmbH from OHB System AG and Volpaia Beteiligungs-GmbH. The company was renamed OHB Cosmos International Launch Services GmbH, and the Management Board was reappointed today with Dr. Lutz Bertling, also a member of the OHB SE Management Board, and Prof. Indulis Kalnins, who has long been the technical director of Cosmos. OHB Cosmos offers satellite operators and manufacturers around the world access to space through dedicated launches or flight sharing opportunities with other satellites. The service also includes a wide range of technical services such as the integration of various satellites on a launcher, satellite dispensers, etc.

In addition, OHB Cosmos also offers New Space satellite missions with extremely short implementation times in cooperation with partners within and outside the OHB Group.

With Rocket Factory Augsburg GmbH (RFA), which was founded last year and is already in operation, the OHB Group has its own initiative to develop a mini launcher. After one year of structural work, the company now has 35 highly qualified employees and is pursuing a New Space approach with the aim of developing a cost-effective rocket that is also highly reliable. The first tests of major subsystems have already been successfully completed. To market the rocket, RFA can also draw on the resources of the OHB Group, which in OHB Cosmos has a company specializing in this area. Given the expected rise in demand for the transportation of small payloads, the future market prospects for a mini launcher are positive, especially as the OHB Group itself develops and builds such small satellites at several locations.

New IT service company and growth in external IT services

The new operating subsidiary OHB Infosys GmbH will in future provide IT services for OHB SE Group companies, starting with OHB System AG and continuing on this basis with other subsidiaries.

The company's managing directors are Dr. Lutz Bertling and Dr. Markus Junginger, who has held the position of CIO at OHB SE since July 1. OHB Digital Services GmbH, which previously also provided internal services, will in future focus entirely on business with non-Group companies with a clear growth strategy.

Streamlining navigation services and telematics

OHB's current business in these areas is handled by the Group companies TeleConsult Austria GmbH (TCA), M2M Europe Network and Solutions GmbH (M2M) and OHB Logistic Solutions GmbH. Following the acquisition of TCA as of January 1, 2019, it will now be expanded as a leading company in this area. From September 2019 on, it will operate under the name OHB Digital Solutions GmbH, Graz. M2M will be merged with the renamed company.

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