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"OHB tram" is running through Bremen

Image and recruiting messages compete for the best brains for jobs in space travel


Bremen, January 22, 2019. As of today, a tram carrying the image and recruiting messages of Bremen-based space technology group OHB is running through the "City of Space" of Bremen. Klaus Hofmann, Human Resources Director of OHB SE, and Michael Hüning, Labor Director of Bremer Straßenbahn AG, today presented the tram to the public. It will mainly run on line 6 between the airport and the university.

OHB is benefiting from the continuing good mood in the space sector, signed a number of major orders last year and intends to remain an agile company despite rapid growth and not miss any trends in space travel. In 2018 alone, OHB hired around 220 new employees at its Bremen location. In 2019, a further 100 employees are to be added.

„Space is booming and offers excellent prospects for us at the Bremen location in particular this year as well," says Klaus Hofmann, Human Resources Director at OHB. „The good level of incoming orders over the past two years has ensured that demand remains high, especially in Bremen". Last year, OHB also announced its intention to play an active role in promoting Bremen as a business location. „With the tram, we are doing this by sending a clear signal at the location: as a company founded and based in Bremen, we stand for the location, and we also offer many interesting positions in the space industry," says Hofmann.


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