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OHB SE exhibiting at ILA in Berlin

Bremen, April 20, 2018. Together with its international subsidiaries, space and technology group OHB SE will be present at ILA 2018, the traditional international air show in Berlin, on April 25-29 in three different ways. In addition to its own stand and its involvement in the SpacePavilion, the Group will also be taking part in the Career Center workshop for the first time.

Fair stand shows the benefit of space technology

Located in Hall 4, the OHB Group’s fair stand will be focusing on “space applications” and the benefits of space technology for humanity. The main aspects will be navigation, earth observation and telecommunications. In addition, the contributions to the Ariane program as well as mechatronic products will be presented.

SpacePavilion with an exhibit of Galilieo navigation sattelite

At the SpacePavilion, the high-publicity joint project organized by DLR (the German Aerospace Center), the Europe Space Agency ESA and BDLI (the German Aerospace Industries Association), the OHB Group will be showcasing its diverse contributions to German, European and international space projects. OHB’s portfolio includes such elements as access to space, navigation, Earth observation, telecommunications, exploration and research and contributions to human space flight.

One central exhibit will be devoted to the Galileo navigation satellites. OHB System AG, an OHB subsidiary, has been awarded contracts by ESA for the production of all 34 Galileo FOC (full operational capability) satellites. In addition to providing navigation applications, Galileo will also be offering sea and air search and rescue services.

Career Center with interactive elements

The OHB Group will also be present at Career Center, which features a joint BDLI stand called “KarriereWerkstatt” (“career workshop”). The OHB subsidiaries OHB System AG and MT Aerospace AG will be showing exhibits, providing information and offering interactive elements highlighting careers in the aviation and space industry in order to convey the fascination of this industry to young people and to give them an idea of the careers that it offers. The workshop feeling will be underpinned by a tank contributed by MT Aerospace on which interested young people can practice riveting. A further feature will be the Flywheel, the sports device designed for the International Space Station ISS, to keep astronauts fit in space.

We look forward to your visit at our ILA booth 201 in Hall 4

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