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OHB Italia Nanosat EAGLET 1 successfully launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California


Vandenberg/Milan, December 4, 2018. The EAGLET 1 satellite, the first nanosat prototype for Earth Observation and maritime surveillance from OHB Italia, a subsidiary from the space and technology group OHB SE, was successfully launched yesterday from the Californian Air Force Base of Vandenberg on-board a Falcon 9 launcher in SSO-A mission from SpaceX.

EAGLET 1 is a nanosatellite which will be placed in sun-synchronous orbit at 575 km altitude; it embarks two payloads:
- a high resolution optical payload which will acquire panchromatic images;
- a payload, able to receive and rely to the ground the AIS signals (Automatic Information System)  transmitted by vessels in the area covered by the satellite.

Mr. Roberto Aceti, Managing Director of OHB Italia said: “Today’s launch is an important milestone for the deployment of the Eaglet Constellation. Eaglet-1 is the on orbit validation of a nanosat developed using the industrial approach for reliability and performance and is the precursor of a constellation of highly innovative, quickly deployable and low cost satellites which will provide optical and AIS data with very short revisit time over the same spot to enable a wide range of monitoring and security applications.”


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