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OHB awarded contract for studies under the EU earth observation program “Copernicus”

Bremen, Oberpfaffenhofen, June 18, 2018. OHB System AG, a subsidiary of the space and technology group OHB SE, has been named principal contractor for three studies on the candidate expansion missions of “Copernicus” by the European space agency (ESA). With bids requested across Europe, these Phase A/B1 studies are valued at EUR 17 million. The contracts were awarded by the European Space Agency ESA.

“This contract award is of great significance for OHB,” says Andreas Lindenthal, a member of OHB System AG’s Management Board. “Alongside the Galileo navigation system, Copernicus is the European Commission’s second main space program, co-funded by ESA. We are working hard and purposefully on becoming a reliable and skilled partner to Europe for earth observation in the long term as we already are in navigation.” In this regard, OHB benefits from its experience in developing and building complex satellite systems and instruments for earth observation applications, as well as the series-produced space systems. “We will be developing various models by mid-2019 in order to meet the budget and scheduling requirements so as to achieve a good position for the award of the contract for the completion of the satellites,” adds Lindenthal.

OHB System studies for a better understanding of the terrestrial system

The three studies to be performed by OHB System AG entail the “CO2M” (CO2 monitoring), “LSTM” (land surface temperature monitoring) and “CHIME” (Copernicus hypersprectal imaging mission for the environment) missions.

  • The purpose of the CO2 mission is to detect and observe continuously regions with high CO2 emissions and to generally monitor compliance with obligations under the Paris Climate Treaty.
  • LSTM will be measuring changes in the temperature of the earth’s surface, particularly in coastal regions, with greater precision. Improved observation of changes in the soil and temperature will make it possible to provide more precise agricultural data for growing, irrigating and harvesting crops.
  • Thanks to the use of hyperspectral analyses, CHIME will permit entirely new findings on soil properties and the chemical composition of minerals, cliffs and soils. This will generate useful information for sustainable agriculture, mining, food production and the preservation of biodiversity.

OHB Sweden and OHB Italia also awarded Copernicus studies

OHB subsidiary OHB Sweden has also been selected as principal contractor for a further study under the Copernicus program. It will be working on the “PIST” (polar ice and snow topography) mission under a contract valued at EUR 5 million. In addition, OHB subsidiary OHB Italia has been named subcontractor for the “CIMR” (Copernicus imaging microwave radiometer) mission.

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