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NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine visits OHB

Jim Bridenstine (Administrator of NASA) and Marco Fuchs (CEO of OHB SE) at the OHB headquarter in Bremen. © OHB / Arne Winterboer

Bremen, October 4, 2018. Jim Bridenstine, the new Administrator of the US space agency NASA, also used his participation at the International Astronautical Congress IAC 2018 in Bremen to visit the space and technology company OHB at its headquarters in Bremen. Marco Fuchs, CEO of OHB SE, received the NASA CEO and his nine-member delegation at noon today. A brief tour of the company was followed by discussions about OHB's and NASA's projects and missions.

The main topic of the exchange between the two delegations, however, was the question of how and in which areas the long-standing close ties between Germany and the USA as well as Europe and the USA could be further intensified. Bridenstine stressed very clearly that he was very interested in continuing transatlantic cooperation. „For me, joint action in space is a focal point of my agenda“, said the NASA-Administrator. „The degree of international cooperation in space will be decisive for the success of missions in space.“ Bridenstine was also committed to ensuring a seamless presence of people in a space station. OHB-CEO Marco Fuchs emphasizes how important the role of the USA as a driver of developments in space is: „We Europeans look to the United States, we learn and profit from its successes.“

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