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Inauguration of OHB Italia new integration and Manufacturing facility

Milan, June 25th 2018. OHB Italia, a subsidiary of the Bremen-based aerospace and technology group OHB SE, has inaugurated a new Integration and Manufacturing Facility in clean environment adjacent to the headquarter building in Milan. The official inauguration ceremony was held today in the presence of the local authorities and representatives from the European and the Italian Space Agency. This new facility is operational since June 2018 and will increase OHB Italia capacity in space system production, in particular for satellite integration.

"This new cleanroom in Milan is a very important asset for OHB Italia”, said Roberto Aceti, Managing Director of the Italian subsidiary, and added, “this high-tech facility close to our headquarters will rationalize our production, allowing us to be more competitive”.

“OHB Italia has successfully acquired projects that are currently in different phases of development or production. Thus, our investment in the new facilities we are inaugurating today was a logical step: it demonstrates our commitment to driving our challenging projects forward in an ideal environment”, said Mr. Marco Fuchs, Chief Executive Officer of OHB SE. “This new facility complements the ones available at the premises of the other European companies belonging to OHB SE. And it underlines OHB’s role as a major system integrator in Europe. I wish all employees who will be working in these new clean rooms every success in realising their projects.”

The facility consists of three separate clean rooms respectively in ISO5, ISO7 and ISO8 class. The ISO7 clean room, suitable for satellite integration, has a usable area of 190 square meters allowing the operation of up to 20 persons simultaneously; the area is equipped with a 10 tons bridge crane with a hook height of 6 meters. The ISO8 clean room, suitable for equipment manufacturing, has a usable area of 180 m2 and an internal height of 2.5 meter. Within the ISO8 area an ISO5 clean room of 80 square meters can be accommodated to be used to work on parts with high cleanliness requirements like optics. The 60 square meters ISO7 air-lock area, which enables the access to the integration room, is dimensioned to accommodate an ISO20 transport container and is equipped with a 10 tons bridge crane. A 50 square meters ISO7 testing room, a changing room and other technical spaces complete the facility which also has an overlook window to observe the integration activities in the ISO7 room from a covered terrace without interfering with the operations.

About OHB Italia:

OHB Italia SpA is a leading company in Italy in the field of space systems design, development and integration. The company is part of the listed space and technology group OHB SE that currently employs approx. 2,500 people in two business units: “Space Systems” and “Aerospace and Industrial products”. Founded in 1981 OHB Italia has its headquarters in Milan.

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