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OHB SE awarded contract for ESA study on 3D printing of living tissue

Bremen, 26. April 2018. The Life Sciences unit of the space and technology group OHB SE has been awarded a contract under the ESA (European Space Agency) General Studies Program for a study into 3D printing of living tissue for space. Dr. Klaus Slenzka, Head of Life Sciences, is very proud to have secured the innovative project for OHB SE as the main contractor and in cooperation with the Technical University of Dresden and OHB’s life sciences subsidiary Blue Horizon Sàrl. “Using 3D bioprinting, it will be possible to gain biocompatible implants from human tissue such as stem cells or cartilage," says Dr. Klaus Slenzka. The focus of the ESA study is on 3D bioprinting of bone and skin, which can be used in regenerative medicine.

3D bioprinting for space missions

"If an astronaut is injured during a space mission, it will soon be possible to create an implant in the spaceship using a 3D bioprinter,” explains Slenzka. At the end of the 12-month study, the ESA research group will deliver a 3D tissue sample. The study has a total value of EUR 150,000  and commenced in March 2018. Looking forward, OHB subsidiary Blue Horizon Deutschland GmbH will be focusing more keenly on 3D bioprinting. Says Slenzka: “We are obviously interested in receiving further contracts and hold all necessary scientific skills.”


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