We.OHB - Career as a space pioneer

A career in space does not have to be omly a dream. OHB is constantly looking for new pioneers around the entire would and in all corporate segments.

Once a month on Wednesday OHB employees describe their own personal impressions of their “dream job” in space in our “We.OHB” series and under the hashtag #WeOHBWednesday.   

Part 3 with Business Developer Andrea Jaime: The current growth perspective of OHB offers us many opportunities

Andrea Jaime, 32, graduated as an Aerospace Engineer in Barcelona, knew since she was little that her passion was space, so all her education and professional trajectory has been focused on building up her expertise in the space sector. Apart from her Masters in Aerospace engineering, she is a graduate from International Space University, as she completed the Space Studies Programme of the International Space University, hosted by NASA Ames in California, in 2009; she also is a graduate of the CVA Summer School, where she completed a summer course on Space Transportation in Rome and had the opportunity to visit the European Spaceport in French Guyana.

She then moved to ESTEC, to work as a Young Graduate Trainee in the Human Spaceflight Directorate. After her year at ESA, she moved to Vienna, where she led the Space Generation Advisory Council, an international organisation with more than 15000 members from all around the world.

Although she started to appreciate the space policy importance, as space engineer herself, she was missing the technical component on her day to day job. In 2015, she moved to Munich, where she found her perfect job at OHB System. Working as business developer at OHB she could still combine her expertise in space policy, strategy, programmatic and business development, with being closer to the technical projects and teams.

Her job is to look into the potential business opportunities for OHB in the areas of Human Spaceflight, Microgravity and Exploration, as well as within the EC H2020 programme. That means she spends a great mount of her time digging into the ESA and EC programmes. In addition, she represents OHB at different events, conferences and customer meetings.

OHB has still a lot to offer to the space sector in Europe and worldwide, and I am really looking forward to not only see this, but to actively contribute to it.

Andrea Jaime, Business Development Manager


Apart of this, one of the things Andrea really appreciates at OHB are the opportunities that our company gives to each employee. “Each one of us can contribute to the current growth of the company from our own individuality, as well as being part of a team. I feel my voice is heard within the company, and my inputs can be easily shared at all levels. If one of us has a good idea, our company is ready to hear it and look for ways to implement it”. As an example of this, Andrea initiated, together with a group of young professionals, the “OHB NextGen”. “This internal initiative brings the OHB young professionals together to share ideas and recommendations with our board members to shake the current processes of our company,  looking into a better future. OHB has still a lot to offer to the space sector in Europe and worldwide, and I am really looking forward to not only see this, but to actively contribute to it.”

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Antonella Sgambati welcomes all visitors to her office with a warm smile. A system engineer with Italian roots, she has been with OHB’s Human Spaceflight Department (HSF) for seven years and clearly derives a great deal of pleasure from her job. After all, she deals with a lot of other people, a fact that is also implied in the name of her department, namely “Human Spaceflight”.


After one and a half years with the company, Felix Hübner already feels like an “old hand” at OHB. This should not come as any surprise given that in 2018 alone about 200 new recruits joined OHB’s Bremen headquarters. The 29-year-old software developer completed his doctorate in computer science parallel to his full-time job in the Software Verification & Validation department.

We.OHB - Part 4: It’s fascinating to see all the things that have been achieved at this company over the last 37 years

When Anna-Maria Kollenbrandt entered the foyer of OHB’s headquarters in Bremen on the day of her job interview and saw the various exhibits, her enthusiasm was immediately aroused. Between the 1:1 SAR-Lupe and Galileo models, she was immediately infected by space fever. That was five years ago and the 33-year-old has been working at OHB in the Procurement Management department for various satellite missions ever since.


Why does a graduate in aerospace engineering at the University of Stuttgart come to Bremen? “Because OHB offers me a major advantage over other places in Germany in which space companies are based. Bremen is a very interesting and liveable city. And when I first started here, I found exactly the task that appealed to me because of the mix of technology and management elements,” is how Marek Dittmar answer.