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Capital Market Day 2023

OHB SE confirms profitability targets for fiscal 2022 and presents growth outlook until 2026

Bremen, January 18, 2023: At its Capital Market Day 2023 today, space and technology group OHB SE (Prime Standard, ISIN DE0005936124) will be outlining current market and corporate developments. The focus will be on the medium-term outlook which the Company is updating for total revenues, EBITDA and EBIT:

EUR million 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
Total Revenues 950-1,000 1,176 1,328 1,573 1,608
EBITDA 97 109 126 147 170
EBIT 60 70 85 105 125

With the confirmation of the profitability targets for the past fiscal year 2022, the implementation of the Group's Strategy 2025 established in fiscal 2020 is beginning to show positive effects on earnings. According to the guidance issued in January 2022, the measures introduced are expected to lead to a 28% year-on-year increase in EBIT in fiscal 2022.

Various substantial project acquisition opportunities will support the OHB Group's future growth. The budgets subscribed during the ESA Ministerial Council Conference in November 2022 together with further institutional budgets available for space activities at European and national level form the basis for successful business performance.

The medium-term outlook for the individual fiscal years until 2025, which was published for the first time during last year's Capital Market Day, will be continued until 2026. Due to time shifts in projects and delayed order intake, adjustments to the financial targets for the individual fiscal years are necessary. Despite the impact of various influencing factors, the updated outlook is essentially confirmed.

OHB SE's purpose is presented at the Capital Market Day: "We use space to find answers to the complex questions of our time" reflects the motivation of the Company with its 3,000 employees in its daily work. The use of space is the unifying factor of all business units and all space disciplines found in this emblematic purpose.

The presentations at this year's Capital Market Day are therefore all oriented to this Purpose. On the one hand, the focus is on the topic of sustainability, which is both high on customers' agendas and therefore being given a political context, but which is also being established as a guiding principle within the OHB Group.

In presentations on the DIGITAL segment, the potential of space applications for other industries is highlighted on the one hand and examples of downstream applications are presented on the other. These help to make data generated by satellite systems optimally usable for the end user.

The question of Europe's independent access to space and the associated launch capacities for European satellites continue to be a much-discussed topic due to the Russian war in Ukraine. With the planned first launch of the newly developed RFA One rocket in 2023, the rocket sector in Europe will be diversified and competition in the launcher market stimulated. In addition to its own development of this rocket, the Group is also involved in the European institutional launcher program Ariane, in which a subsidiary is a long-term partner and generates fixed value added. The status in this program and current export activities in major rocket programs are presented as well as newly identified growth markets.

OHB SE's audited consolidated financial statements for 2022 will be explained in detail at the annual press conference scheduled for March 15, 2023 and the analysts' conference to follow on the same day as well as being available for download on OHB SE's website.

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