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OHB SE publishes preliminary figures for the first quarter 2015

OHB SE publishes preliminary figures for the first quarter 2015:

  • Total revenues around EUR 153m 
  • EBITDA around EUR 10.6m 
  • EBIT around EUR 7.7m 

The ratios above deviate from the previous two years figures for the first quarter:

Q1 2014: Total revenues EUR 208m, EBITDA EUR 14.5m, EBIT EUR 10.4m
Q1 2013: Total revenues EUR 144m, EBITDA EUR 10.4m, EBIT EUR 6.6m

These figures illustrate the volatility being immanent in our business model when referring to the comparison of absolute figures. However, our profitability here has hardly fluctuated, EBIT margin will reach approximately 5% just like in the previous years. 

When comparing the previous quarterly reports Q1 2014 and Q1 2013 it has to be taken into account that the contributions from Aerotech Peissenberg GmbH & Co. KG (ATP) were still fully consolidated in the reports. Since May 2014 ATP has the status of a minority stake in the reports.

The management board confirms the guidance (published in February) for the business year 2015 for these ratios (total revenues >EUR 800m, EBITDA >EUR 53m, EBIT >EUR 40m).

OHB’s first quarter report will be released on May 13th, the ratios above have been stated today by the management board.

Contact for investors and analysts: 

Marcel Dietz
Investor Relations
Phone: +49 421 2020 6426

Contact for media representatives: 

Marianne Radel
Head of Corporate Communications
Phone: +49 421 2020 9159