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OHB AG publishes unaudited figures for the fiscal year 2014

Bremen, 09.03.2015. OHB AG publishes preliminary so far unaudited figures for the fiscal year 2014:

  • Total revenues around €770m (guidance > €700m)
  • EBITDA around €53m (guidance > €56m)
  • EBIT around €40m (guidance > €39m)
  • EPS of about €1,50

The total revenues for the fiscal year 2014 will be around 10% higher than the so far expected value due to higher performances by subcontractors. The EBITDA will turn out lower than expected due to effects in combination with the de-consolidation of Aerotech Peissenberg (ATP) in May 2014. However, this will have positive effects on the EBIT.

With around €40m, the EBIT will be slightly higher than expected, whereas the EBIT of the „Space Systems“ division is under the previous year value due to lower profit contributions from satellite projects, the EBIT of the „Aerospace + Industrial Products“ division will exceed previous year value mainly due to positive developments at MT Aerospace AG. Other operational yields from selling a minority investment make a contribution to the EBIT result. The EPS will reach €1.50 due to an improved EBIT and positive tax effects.

At the press conference in Bremen on the morning of March 19th 2015 as well as at the meeting with analysts happening right after in Frankfurt at 2pm on the same day the audited year-end closing of the group 2014 of the OHB AG will be dealt with in detail.

Contact for investors and analysts: 

Marcel Dietz
Investor Relations
Phone: +49 421 2020 6426

Contact for media representatives: 

Marianne Radel
Head of Corporate Communications
Phone: +49 421 2020 9159