Space Systems

This business unit’s activities encompass satellites, manned spaceflight, exploration and security/reconnaissance technologies.

Another focus is developing and implementing payloads, scientific equipment and devices for aeronautics/aerospace, research institutes and industry.

Thus, OHB System AG develops, builds, launches and operates low-orbiting and geostationary small satellites for scientific applications, communications and terrestrial observation.

Earth Observation

The main business activities and applications of OHB System (Oberpfaffenhofen site), entail Earth observation and satellite navigation as well as scientific payloads and the testing of new technologies.

Human Space Flight

The manned space flight segment includes work on constructing the International Space Station ISS/Columbus and fitting it out with research equipment.


Exploration primarily entails research of outer space, particularly the moon. Reconnaissance satellites and broadband radio transmission of image data form the core of the security and reconnaissance activities.