We.OHB - Career as a space pioneer

A career in space does not have to be a dream. OHB is constantly looking for new pioneers around the entire would and in all corporate segments.
Once a month on Wednesday OHB employees describe their own personal impressions of their “dream job” in space in our “We.OHB” series and under the hashtag #weohbwednesday.   

Part 2 with software developer Felix Hübner: The work-study program gives career beginners excellent job opportunities

After one and a half years with the company, Felix Hübner already feels like an “old hand” at OHB. This should not come as any surprise given that in 2018 alone about 200 new recruits joined OHB’s Bremen headquarters.

My dream has always been to work for OHB, because I find the industry so exciting.

Felix Hübner, Software Engineer


The 29-year-old software developer completed his doctorate in computer science parallel to his full-time job in the Software Verification & Validation department. In fact, he turned down a job at a major Munich automotive group in favor of the position at OHB: "My dream has always been to work for OHB, because I find the industry so exciting. Satellites are highly complex systems. Here I have the feeling of working on something very important. In my daily work, I make sure that the satellite software is free of any errors by first checking the requirements and software design and then subjecting the software to intensive testing.”

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In addition to the technical challenges, Felix Hübner appreciates the internationality at OHB: “This is a really good place to learn English. That’s one of the reason I like OHB so much.” As the only German in an office with colleagues from three other countries (Romania, Turkey, Spain) he hears and speaks mainly English. Felix Hübner believes that the fact that OHB is offering a work-study program in application development for the first time this year is a brilliant idea for attracting young career beginners to OHB. “I’ve been through a work-study program myself. The practical experience you gain gives you excellent job opportunities.” This can be seen in the offer from the Munich car manufacturer which he received but gratefully rejected. “I wanted to do my doctorate. And, in any case, I was keen to stay in Bremen.”



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200th new space pioneer at OHB in Bremen in 2018

You have just welcomed Ronja Sauerland, the 200th new employee this year, to OHB in Bremen. How happy are you?
Klaus Hofmann: The opportunity of welcoming Ms. Sauerland with a bouquet of flowers was, of course, great - not only because the meeting was extremely pleasant, but also because she made a conscious decision to join OHB. Her enthusiasm for what we do as a company emerged during the time she spent with us as a student trainee.

A career leap into a new experience

Changing locations, building a career: this is also possible at a family-run company like OHB. The OHB SE group of companies now encompasses nine business locations, some of them with several hundred employees and correspondingly varied opportunities for advancement.

By moon rover to a job at OHB

The mood is upbeat. The “dualers”, the name given to the five young men at the university, are in excellent spirits, tinkering around and programming several LEGO vehicles – small moon rovers which form part of their training, as it later turns out. The dual study course in Specialist IT Application Development at OHB in Bremen began with five students on September 1, 2018. Fynn Hagen is one of the young space pioneers. The 18-year-old has just successfully stood for the post of Youth and Trainee Representative and ventures a look back for us at his first three months as a “dualer”.

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Fateful phone calls and happy events

At the age of 22, Mahmoud Elsirafy was living the good life enjoying his vacation relaxing on the beach at Alexandria with a couple of friends. Then his father Ahmed rang and turned our Bremen-based colleague’s already very eventful life upside down.

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From the big city to the jungle

The long winter had us in its grip. Just the right time to take a look at a job in the tropics. Some 1,400 people work at the spaceport in French Guiana. One of these is the new Galileo Launch Campaign Manager, Dr Alain Pajonk. We. Create. Space.

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