The sustained boom in commercial vehicle business resulted in full capacity utilization at OEMs for the fourth consecutive year, with demand continuing to rise steadily. However, capacity shortfalls will prevent even greater gains in production output. The transportation and traffic volumes are rising as a result of the economic upswing. The job of telematics is to ensure that these goods reach their intended destinations more efficiently. The trend towards factory-fitted telematics systems has gained further momentum, generating higher order receipts for these systems. Vehicle OEMs are increasingly integrating telematics systems in their products. Standardized hardware and software components can be combined in building-block fashion to create powerful overall systems combining functions such as navigation, digital tachographs, tele-maintenance as well as sensory systems for monitoring many on-board systems.  

The main areas of activity are:

1. OEM business (MAN DAF)
2. Research and development projects (Sister, Invest)
3. Special solutions (CEMEX, Hoyer)