Project: Small GEO/Luxor

Company: OHB-System AG

A European geostationary platform for communications applications is being developed under the lead management of OHB and is to be marketed commercially under the name Luxor. Initiated by OHB, it has been established as a separate component of the long-term ESA schedule under the ARTES-11 program. The technical specifications for Luxor are based on analyses conducted by OHB-System AG.

Commissioned in January 2007, the ESA/Hispasat project is currently in Phase C/D, the definition and integration of the satellite. The platform will be ready in 2011. The launch is scheduled for 2012. At the same time, the contract for the first Luxor mission has been signed with ESA in November 2008.

Platform: ESA (customer); SSC,
Oerlikon and LUXSPACE (partner)
Mission: ESA/Hispasat (customer);
Tesat, SSC, Oerlikon and LUXSPACE