Project: Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program (EnMAP)

Company: OHB System AG, Munich site

EnMAP is the German hyperspectral earth observation satellite with more than 200 measuring channels in the spectral range between 420 and 2,450 nm.An innovative instrument system permits advanced optical specifications.With optimized swing angles in tandem with a 30 km charting width and a ground resolution of 30 m, the agile satellite system achieves global coverage and short observation repetition times.The data is evaluated by classifying the quasi-continuous spectrums to determine the ecosystem parameters and to achieve an improved modeling of bio/geosphere processes in a high-quality basis.In this connection, the scientific applications form the basis for preparing for future commercial use and operational services.

DLR Space Management (customer)
GFZ (Scientific management),
DLR-GSOC/-DFD (ground segment),
OHB System, Bremen site (satellite bus),
Extensive involvement by German industry
for subsystems