Project: ARDS/broadband image data transmission

Company: OHB-System AG

Successful work on ARDS (Aerial Reconnaissance Data System), with which OHB-System has been developing a revolutionary system for the transmission of high-resolution aerial reconnaissance data between aircraft and ground stations, led to five follow-up contracts in 2007 alone. The high-speed ARDS data link system will also be deployed in the innovative new Agile UAV flight system. In addition, real-time reconnaissance over a distance of around 400 km is to be demonstrated.

The preliminary testing hardware for Agile UAV has been made available to EADS.  The entire ground testing system was delivered in April 2008, with the flight hardware to follow in October 2008. The aircraft required for the “real-time wide-distance reconnaissance” is in the procurement phase. Work on system assembly has commenced, with a flight demonstration planned for November 2008.

BWB (customer), EADS-MAS, DLR