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OHB Management Board member Fritz Merkle and astronaut Thomas Reiter opening SIXDAYS BREMEN

Bremen-based space and technology company OHB making an appearance at the cycling event

Bremen, January 11, 2018. “Being able to fire the starting shot for SIXDAYS BREMEN together with former astronaut Thomas Reiter is like pressing the red button to launch a rocket into space,” says Dr. Fritz Merkle, a member of the Management Board of the Bremen-based space and technology group OHB SE.



Important milestone reached in the construction of the Ariane 6 launch facilities

The new European launch vehicle ARIANE 6 is to embark on its maiden flight from the Kourou space center in French-Guayana in July 2020. MT Aerospace AG, a subsidiary of Bremen-based space technology group OHB SE, and its Mainz-based subsidiary MT Mechatronics GmbH are constructing the mechanical launch facilities (ELA 4) in the Amazon region in a contract for the French space agency CNES. With the successful completion of the critical design review at the end of November, Europe has come one important step closer to completing the ground facilities for the new launch vehicle. 



OHB reserving capacity with Arianespace for satcom satellite

Bremen/Bonn, December 15, 2017. OHB System AG, a subsidiary of the Bremen-based space technology group OHB SE, has today signed a contract with the European launch services provider Arianespace for the launch of the Heinrich Hertz civil/military telecommunications satellite. In doing so, OHB has secured a flight opportunity on board an Ariane-5 launch vehicle.



OHB’s Galileo satellite successfully positioned in orbit

Bremen, December 13, 2017. The four satellites for the Galileo European navigation system reached their target orbit in space at 23:31 hours (CET) yesterday after a transit time of just under four hours. They are now orbiting the Earth at a distance of some 23,000 kilometers.



How Nicole, Zofia, Alexandre and Irina will save lives from outer space

A further four Galileo satellites to be launched on December 12. The OHB satellites with children’s names perform important services, transmit emergency signs to rescue services more quickly and render payments in online banking secure.