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OHB SE discloses 9M interim report 2017

Total revenues increased to EUR 541 million (+7%),
EBITDA increased to EUR 41.6 million (+11%),
EBIT increased to EUR 31.7 million (+11%),
Net profit increased to EUR 20.6 million (+19%)

ESA/EU ordering a further four Galileo satellites

Federal Republic of Germany awarded a contract for electro-optical reconnaissance satellites

Full year guidance 2017 confirmed



Total revenues increased to EUR 354 million (+12%)

EBITDA increased to EUR 25.8 million (+5%),
EBIT increased to EUR 19.3 million (+7%),
EBT increased to EUR 17.8 million (+13%)

Order books increased significantly to EUR 2,220 million

Full year guidance 2017 reiterated



Dividend of € 0.40 per share approved for 2016 by the annual general meeting

Bremen, May 16, 2017.The shareholders of the OHB SE (Prime Standard, ISIN DE0005936124) will receive a dividend of EUR 0.40 per share entitled to dividend for 2016 (previous year EUR 0.40). The annual general meeting of the company has approved by a great majority a relevant proposal submitted by the Management Board and the Supervisory Board.



Increase in total revenues to EUR 165 million (+5%)

EBITDA EUR 12.7 million (+19%),
EBIT EUR 9.4 million (+20%) increase over the previous year

Order books valued at EUR 1,523 million on March 31, 2017



OHB SE released audited results for fiscal 2016:

  • Stabilised total revenues of EUR 728 million
    (previous year EUR 730 million)
  • Earnings and margin improvements of all earnings figures:
    EBITDA increased by 6% to EUR 55.1 million (prev. year EUR 52.1 million), margin improved to 7.6% (prev. year 7.1%)
    EBIT increased by 6% to EUR 42.7 million (prev. year 40.2 million),
    margin improved to 5.9% (prev. year 5.5%)
  • Operating cash flow climbed up to EUR 72.7 million
    (prev. year EUR 3.6 million)
  • Increase in equity by EUR 14.8 million to EUR 183.6 million, equity ratio improved to 26.9% (prev. year 26.4%)
  • Proposed dividend to the AGM again at EUR 0.40 per share