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Professions in space and technology are also women’s jobs

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A career in space does not have to be a dream. OHB is constantly looking for new pioneers around the entire would and in all corporate segments.
Once a month on Wednesday OHB employees describe their own personal impressions of their “dream job” in space in our “We.OHB” series and under the hashtag #weohbwednesday.   

Part 7 with Ronja Sauerland: Professions in the aerospace and technology sector are also women’s jobs

A lab coat, hairnet and overshoes – for Ronja Sauerland, these accessories are part of her normal work wear. The 27-year-old quality assurance engineer commutes daily between the cleanroom and the office wing: “I particularly enjoy the variety. No two days are ever alike here.” One of the many aspects of her job profile entails satellite inspection activities in the hall: “We check the satellite integration work. For example, we make sure that the cables fitted to the satellite are properly crimped and look whether the documentation is correct.” Another part of the job takes place at the desk, where the QA engineer writes work instructions, prepares presentations or draws up quality assurance training plans. The 27-year-old joined OHB at an early stage: During her studies at Braunschweig Technical University she worked as an intern and later as a student trainee in Quality Assurance. She also wrote her master’s thesis at the Institute for Space Systems Braunschweig Technical University in cooperation with OHB. She vividly remembers applying for a position with OHB: “I am fascinated by space travel and I enjoy working in a team. As a student trainee at OHB, I was able to put my own ideas into practice and derived a great deal of pleasure from doing that.”

Ronja Sauerland encourages all women to take jobs in the technical field. “Women can work in technical occupations equally as well as men.” After all, it does not matter whether a man or a woman does the work. What counts is working with great commitment in a team to achieve joint goals.


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