Video series

Marco Fuchs on the importance of values in a time of crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has turned our lives upside down making values such as cooperation, responsibility and family count more than ever. This does not only apply to our personal environments, but also to businesses of every size – not least to family companies such as OHB. Marco Fuchs, CEO and owner of OHB, lives in both worlds: in his own personal family environment as well as in his family business. Over the course of the last few weeks he has shared his thoughts on this topic in a small videos series, which you can find below.

Part 1: Responsibility

"I believe that the responsibility of space companies goes deeper than is often perceived in people’s daily lives."


Part 2: Family

"When the owners themselves are active in the company, it results in a certain clarity."


Part 3: Values

"OHB is a company which is built on its employees. OHB's capital is its team."


Part 4: Courage

"You need to have a corporate culture where people are really courageous and willing to make decisions."


Part 5: Growth

"We've always tried to grow in order to achieve creative freedom."


Part 6: Sustainability

"Of course, it feels better to do a project that serves a broader purpose."


Personal details:

Born in 1962, Marco Fuchs studied law in Berlin, Hamburg and New York. He worked as an attorney in New York and Frankfurt am Main from 1992 to 1995. In 1995, he joined OHB, the company that his parents had built up. He has been Chief Executive Officer of OHB SE since 2000 and of OHB System AG since 2011. Marco Fuchs is married and has two children.