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OHB employs colleagues from 35 nations - including Catherine Suppo

Moin! Servus! Salut! Morning! Ciao! At OHB in Bremen, colleagues greet in many different languages in the morning. And the internationality of the company and the workforce is for many not only a pleasant side effect of the job, but even one of the main reasons to work for the space company with its headquarters in Bremen. Another fan of OHB's internationality is Catherine Suppo, who works as a systems engineer mainly for FDIR (Fault Detection Isolation and Recovery) on the Electra and Heinrich Hertz projects, which means that her task is to understand what can fail in the operation of the satellite and what effects the failure of one subsystem may have on another or the entire satellite. The systems engineer then develops a strategy to protect the satellite against failures so that the satellite always remains safe and ready for operations.

The best idea of my life

Catherine Suppo has many contacts in her daily work and they often belong to different nationalities. "I am an international person," says the Paris-born engineer with German and Italian roots (by the way, she speaks Chinese). After studying Physical Sciences at Pierre et Marie Curie University, it was immediately clear to her that she was going abroad. No sooner said than done. She travelled through Europe to work, Paris, Bordeaux, London, Toulouse, finally to settle down at OHB in Bremen in 2013. And that was the best idea of her life, says Catherine Suppo: "If you have competence and ideas, you can implement them here. This is the first time I can use my potential on the job. I love what I do." And she never really wanted to go to Germany. Today, the engineer appreciates the life in Germany where people are nice and friendly and working conditions are very good. "Everyone should have worked abroad once. Not only do you get to know different cultures, but you also learn to value the advantages and disadvantages of different working conditions and ways of doing things. It gives you new perspectives and understanding" The working conditions and opportunities were definitely the reasons for her not to return to France. Admittedly, the job in Bremen has one disadvantage for the Frenchwoman: "I just don't like German food that much".

Notated on the margin...

... OHB employs a total of 35 different nationalities. These are spread over the Bremen location with currently 26 different nations and colleagues from 25 different nations work at the Oberpfaffenhofen location.

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