A career leap into a new experience

Changing locations at OHB

Changing locations, building a career: this is also possible at a family-run company like OHB. The OHB SE group of companies now encompasses nine business locations, some of them with several hundred employees and correspondingly varied opportunities for advancement. In general, at OHB, moving to a subsidiary also always entails a career leap in terms of technical competence or authority. Over the past few years, many colleagues have ventured
such a move to another OHB location – and their experiences have been exceptionally positive.


Moving to a subsidary is certain to broaden minds on both sides. Ideally, people learn from one another both professionally and culturally.

Klaus Hofmann, Chief Human Resources Officer, OHB SE

"Never hesitate if you get the chance!" This is the advice offered by Joakim Kugelberg, Procurement Manager at OHB Sweden, who was employed at OHB System AG in Oberpfaffenhofen from August, 2006 until January, 2016. Working in a different country, finding out how other organisations function – all this has very much impressed and helped Joakim Kugelberg. “In my case, it was also a matter of gaining a deeper insight into how optical instruments are developed and designed,” he says. His  colleague Fredrik Sjöberg, Head of Business Development at OHB Sweden, adds that it is very advantageous when group employees have gained experience in different business locations. “That kind of knowledge about a subsidiary’s specific requirements is enormously helpful in our day-to-day work,” says Sjöberg, who was employed in Oberpfaffenhofen from April, 2011 until September, 2012.

Many colleagues decided to remain in Germany permanently

Like the two Swedish colleagues, quite a few employees have changed locations over the past few years. Two System AG employees went to Antwerp Space in Belgium; in turn, one employee from Antwerp Space relocated to OHB System AG in Bremen. Thomas
Görlach and Jochen Harms moved from Bremen to Luxembourg as managing directors of LuxSpace. Jochen Harms helped to set up LuxSpace. In addition, colleagues have frequently transferred from OHB Italia to OHB System AG, mostly at the company’s location
in Bremen. Many of them decided to remain in Germany permanently.

Changing locations helps to improve cooperation within the OHB-Group

Kugelberg and Sjöberg cherish the time they spent in Munich. “Personally, dealing with a foreign language and becoming acquainted with the unfamiliar surroundings was, of course, a challenge at first,” says Sjöberg. “Living in Munich, however, is incredibly
enriching because of the high quality of life and the proximity to the Alps. Most of all, I got to know some very nice people there.” Kugelberg also felt enriched by his experience at another location.“ Assignments like this help to cement relationships between the
individual subsidiaries. In the long term, this helps to improve cooperation within the OHB Group.

It is necessary for employees and locations to close ranks

This is all the more important as the company becomes increasingly more diverse, larger and more international. This results in new economic opportunities. However, these possibilities cannot unfold their maximum effect unless all of the cogs interlock as smoothly as possible and with a common aim in mind. To this end, it is necessary for employees and locations to close ranks and develop an overarching, inclusive corporate culture. Employee transfers within the group can make a major contribution to advancing this process.