Everything you ever wanted to know about OHB

The essential and truly relevant questions about the OHB Group will be answered herein. Have fun!

How many people work at OHB's headquarters in Bremen?

Currently, around 1100 colleagues work at the Bremen site.

What is the average age at OHB?

The average age at OHB is 42. Not that old, right?

How many OHB satellites are currently in service in orbit?

80 satellites. An impressive number, right?

How many satellites are currently still in production?

37 satellites are still in production. Go, team!

How much coffee do we drink at headquarters in a week?

In Bremen, we consume 165 packages of 500 grams each per week. Cheers!

How much fruit is eaten on average per week in our company?

We eat around 500 kg per week in Bremen. There is still room for improvement.