Want to go to the Moon? We can take you there!

In 2025, OHB will be the first European company to launch a commercial mission to the Moon – and your experiment could be part of this endeavour! Join our mission and take advantage of our Lunar Surface Access Service, or short: LSAS.

Choose your mission!

Do you have a payload you would like to bring to the Moon? Or would you like to contribute to our mission in another way? Perfect! We are excited to hear about your ideas! Our service is open to everyone and we have missions planned for 2025, 2027 and 2029.

Contact us to explore the possibilities of a collaboration!

We offer flight opportunities for:

  • Scientific missions and technology experiments

    Fly with us to collect data or mature your technology! ISRU, robotics and communications are just a few examples of the many possible areas in which experiments can be carried out.
  • Educational purposes and the general public

    LSAS offers several initiatives that allow educational institutions and the general public to participate in our mission to the Moon. You do not necessarily have to launch a payload.
  • Marketing and branding purposes

    Why not take your product to the Moon? Use LSAS as a platform to launch your marketing campaign, promote your product and take your brand into space.
  • Other ideas

    If you have an idea to participate in the mission that is not listed above, we will be happy to hear your suggestion!

Our LSAS missions are based on the flight-proven Beresheet lander design and offer a payload capacity of up to 110 kilogrammes. During each mission, the lander will be brought to a highly illuminated area on the lunar surface to maximise mission duration and give your payloads the opportunity to do their job for as long as required.

The LSAS missions are based on the flight-proven Beresheet lander design. © IAI
Choose your mission! LSAS offers the opportunity to go to the Moon in 2025, 2027 and 2029. © OHB


The costs will depend on the nature of your contribution. For science and technology, the requirements of your payloads dictate the price. For education, marketing campaigns and the like, the cost will depend on the type of activity you wish to undertake. Our prices are competitive. We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to be part of our journey!

Click on the “Start your mission” button below and fill in our contact form.

We will review the incoming contact forms on a regular basis to make contact with you and ensure that you receive a quick response.

For science and technology demonstration missions, the key criteria for a "priority" seat on LSAS-1 are the technology readiness level and medium to high confidence in contract commitment.

For institutional missions, we are happy to assist you in contacting your national delegations to help cover possible development costs and part of the LSAS ticket price.

There is no deadline as this call covers LSAS-1, LSAS-2 and LSAS-3.

Note for LSAS-1: We intend to close submissions by mid-June 2022 at the latest. For non-scientific and commercial payloads, the opportunity to contact us remains open up to a few months before launch, depending on the complexity of the payload!

This call is for entities which have not been in contact with our LSAS team until now.
OHB works in a partnership with ESA.

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