Ad hoc announcements

OHB AG converted into OHB SE

    Bremen, March 26, 2015 Following the entry in the commercial register, OHB AG has officially adopted the legal structure of a Societas Europaea and is therefore now known as OHB SE.

    The special negotiating body comprising members of the employee representative councils in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, representatives from the trade union IG Metal and OHB’s management unanimously agreed on a joint participation agreement specifically tailored to the OHB Group’s requirements to govern future co-determination rights at the European level.


    OHB SE
    Investor Relations
    Manfred-Fuchs-Platz 2-4
    28359 Bremen/Germany
    Phone +49 (0) 421-2020 7200
    Fax +49 (0) 421-2020 613

    Contact for investors and analysts: 

    Martina Lilienthal
    Phone: +49 421 - 2020-7200
    Fax: +49 421 - 2020-613

    Contact for media representatives:

    Günther Hörbst
    Head Corporate Communication
    Phone: +49-421-2020-9438