Aviation and Defense products

Via MT Aerospace, OHB plays a crucial role in both passenger transportation and air cargo.  

For many years the company has been a market leader for the production and assembly of CFRP water and waste tanks and a main supplier to the Airbus fleet.

The military freighter A400M  features central input and output manifolds for the ventilation of the heat exchangers as well as cladding for the aircraft hull supplied by MT Aerospace. These components make a crucial contribution to MT Aerospace’s efforts to organically extend its successful aeronautics activities. 

The winding technology is used not only for producing light-weight tanks but also for fabricating the CFRP engine cladding for guided missiles. In addition, special insulation components are built for the hot gas segments of missiles.

Core Segments

Ariane Rocket Program

Space missions result in new technological developments and strengthen Europe’s pioneering role at the vanguard of scientific and economic progress.

Antennas & Mechatronics

For over 50 years, MT Aerospace subsidiary MT Mechatronics GmbH has been making a name for itself around the world as system supplier for communication antennas, radio and optical telescopes, as well as mechatronic equipment for industry and research institutes.